Watch Care

How to Care for your SOVRYGN Watch

At SOVRYGN we offer superior quality watches. There are some responsibilities that come with being a #SOVRYGN and we have put together a list. This list will ensure that your watch is always in a great condition.

Cleaning your watch

As we go about our daily activities, our skin releases oils and sheds of dead skin. To avoid build up of residue on your watch, ensure you clean your watch at least once a week with a soft cloth.

 Your timepiece has a great water resistant capabilities. Please refrain from taking a shower with your watch to avoid build up of soap scum. Steam from your shower can also compromise the movement and integrity of the water resistance.

 If your watch comes in contact with pool water (with chlorine or not), salt water please rinse thoroughly to avoid oxidation.

Caring for the movement

Your watch has a self-winding mechanical movement. Avoid putting your watch next to strong magnetic fields. Leaving your watch in this environment can damage the movement.

 Do not open your watch by yourself. You risk damaging the case of the watch. This can also compromise the integrity of the water resistance if not closed properly.

 Your watch is valuable, and it contains jewels which help reduce friction between the moving parts in a mechanical watch. Try not to drop your watch to prevent damaging the movement.

 Please watch the video for instructions on how to set your timepiece. Always make sure the crown is properly secure and in its default position after setting the watch. This prevents impurities like dust from getting into the watch and the crown getting damaged when you encounter contact.  

How to Care for  your Crystal and Strap 

SOVRYGN watches come with a sapphire crystal glass, making it scratch resistant. However, we do advice that the watch is stored in the watch box. Do not store your watch with other jewelry that can scratch the bezel and cause the crystal to loose it lustre over time. 

 When your watch is exposed to light that helps the luminous glow in the dark. Do not expose your watch to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will bleach the colour over time.

 To ensure that the leather strap on your watch last long, do not wear your watch swimming. Avoid wearing your watch when you will be engaging in physical activity that can cause perspiration. 

 Salt and other cosmetic chemicals (perfume, hair products, chlorine) can damage your watch and cause fading to the bezel. Oxidation of the clasp and the bezel can lead to rusting.

 Sharing Our Knowledge

In addition to emphasizing quality, we also strive to share all the things we've learned about watches. And as we learn more, we want to continue to pass the knowledge onto others. We are committed not only to bringing you the most affordable watches we have designed but also the best information about ways to use it.