Our Story

The establishment of SOVRYGN was inspired by a fascination of time and the machines that represent its irrevocable essence. As time is a gift that once given can never be retracted. SOVRYGN offers a collection of watches that reflect individual lifestyles and passages in time. Founded as an abbreviated form of the term Sovereign, all products from SOVRYGN are made to illustrate a supreme style alongside comfortability when worn by our customers. Our mission is to create refined and affordable customized lifestyle pieces that are a genuine reflection of panache.

About Us

Express your personal style with the classic and exclusive collections from SOVRYGN. A modern brand of luxury watches and complementary accessories that offer an unparalleled fashion experience. The SOVRYGN brand was created to offer classic and affordable timepieces and accessories that are a true reflection of your lifestyle. With products continually being introduced to the collections, there is an option for every mood and occasion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to illustrate a lifestyle through the display of luxury watches that most accurately reflect our patrons SOVRYGN. The input of the SOVRYGN community is of paramount importance to us in building a brand and legacy. Focusing on our passion for collector timepieces, our goal is to redefine the luxury watch industry by making affordable high calibre watches .