SOVRYGN The Journey So Far

Inspired by his fascination with time and the machines that represent its irrevocable essence, Hamzat created the SOVRYGN brand. SOVRYGN is the abbreviated form of the term “Sovereign” meaning excellence. Time is a gift to bring about development and positive changes.Taking the name SOVRYGN as relevant, apt and justified, Hamzat launched this online store to offer a wide collection of affordable and luxurious timepieces. SOVRYGN specializes in selling a wide range of watches that reflects an individual lifestyle, wardrobe and taste.  

Since the time of inception, the quest of this online watch store has been to showcase and deliver different types of classic, automatic, and quartz watches that stand the test of time by their unique styles and fashions, ensuring a certain richness, splendour and complexity for each. Our mission is to create a distinguished and affordable customized accessory selection that is a genuine reflection of confidence and a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

 The founder of this online watch store, Hamzat was a model. This is why he has a very good sense of style. To him, the style was an important part of creative expression and individuality. His aesthetic sense and passion for timepieces made him feel an urge to launch a one-stop online shop for meeting all types of watch needs. Moreover, his long-term industry knowledge, career experience and opportunity to network with various industry experts and fashion consultants added another dimension to it. He said, “I have been fortunate enough to network with various industry experts and fashion consultants who monitor the very pulse of international fashion, and have helped to mould my stylistic views”. His increased attentiveness to cultural trends and lifestyle variations have been depicted throughout the collections offered on this unique eCommerce.

His passion for collecting unique and attractive timepieces started developing from his childhood days. His passion for collector timepieces made him explore the mechanics of any watch that he came across. The ambience was in his favor as his ancestors collected and stored various classic timepieces. This has a very good influence on him to nurture an idea of designing and delivering unique and elegant style timepieces. As the consequence of it, he started his first watch and accessory website before completing his graduation.When a few employees asked him, he said, “Memories of exploring the mechanics of any watch I came across and noting the variety of bespoke timepieces collected by my parents can be considered among the factors that have influenced my interest in the business of viewing time in style. In high school, I began to buy and sell watches, which was an insightful experience and expanded my knowledge base of watch specifics. As a result, I started my first watch and accessory website before graduating university, though as an entrepreneur I found that I still wanted to create more, not only a website, but also a company, a brand, a legacy, and thus SOVRYGN was born.”  


He moved to Canada from Nigeria in 2011 and became more watch enthusiast that made him take a decision to settle down in Canada and run the company SOVRYGN from there. Now SOVRYGN is a respected name in the watch world. SOVRYGN is dedicated to raising the bar of excellence in the industry, creating value for the customers, watch aficionados, time, money, and the society

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